US Cyber Signing! Order by May 31, signing on June 10!

From the Office of Robin Hobb  From Kat Ogden

Hello US Readers!  We are on to the second part of Robin’s US Booktour and we have a special announcement.

This is an invitation to our US Readers to attend Robin’s first CyberSigning Event on June 10, 2017 at 11AM PST.

WHAT: CyberSigning event hosted by Duane Wilkins of the University Book Store, Seattle.  At this event, readers from all over the US get to chat with Robin one on one as she signs a personalized book to them.

WHERE: On Robin’s Facebook Page, as a Facebook Live Event

WHEN: June 10, 2017, 11AM Pacific Standard Time

HOW: Through the University Bookstore, Seattle (more details below)

Let me explain a bit more….

As you may know, Robin has concluded her book tour of the UK and is starting on her US Book Tour.  She is presently at Phoenix Comicon and has dates upcoming for personal appearances in Denver (June 30-July 2, Denver ComicCon) and San Diego (SDCC, July 19-23 & a TBD event at Mysterious Galaxy.)

As the Social Media Manager in the office, I see a lot of your posts on all platforms.  I see wistful readers who wish they could make events, but live too far away, have small children, deployed spouses, financial difficulty, or simply live in a rural area far from a metropolitan center.  There are many reasons why someone may be unable to travel to an event.

I use the #ReadersAndWriters because this is a relationship.  I don’t sell books to you, though I hope you buy books.   Booksellers sell books.  I’m a Social Media Manager, meaning I’m here to help facilitate the relationship of the writer with the readers in a constructive way that continues an actual relationship. We have heard what you have said about the difficulty of getting to signings and we are trying to reach out to you and say, look, we know, we  know how hard it can be.  So…..

We are trying something new.  It may have a lot of bumps to it, but I think we can do it.  We are hosting a Cyber Signing with Robin.  When you are at a reading and a signing, I stand near the table and everyone comes up to chat and get a book signed and get a moment of time together.

We’d like to host that same experience, online.  Possible?  We think so.

Robin’s first Cyber Signing will be on June 10, 2017 at 11AM Pacific Standard Time.

Please note that last part.  Since this is our first, I’m really hoping you are all on board to giving me feedback after the event to let me know how well it worked and maybe what can be improved.

How will this work?  Well.  To be honest we are figuring it out.  But this is what we have so far!


  1. BEFORE MAY 31! Go to the University Book Store website   Click on Books, and Search Books.  Search for Assassin’s Fate. Or buy the full trilogy of Fitz and the Fool in hardback.  (Sorry that I can’t seem to make a quick link to the title!)
  2. In the comments section on the order form, write, “I want this book signed by Robin Hobb at the cyber signing. Please make it out to ‘Sally’  (Or ‘To Edgar’.  Or ‘Happy Birthday Malachi.’  You get the idea!
  3. Then complete the transaction.
  4. When you get the confirmation note back from University Book Store, send an email to THIS IS IMPORTANT!  Tell Kat you will be coming to the Facebook Live. Please share the name you used to order the book and the way you want the book signed. We need to put the books in order alphabetically by dedication.  So if your name is Robert, but you want it signed to Bobby, we need to know to put you in the B stack. We will also have your email, so if anything changes, we can let you know right away.
  5. On June 10, at 11 AM Pacific Time, come to the Robin Hobb Facebook page for the Facebook Live. We think we will try to do the books in somewhat alphabetical order.  That way readers who don’t want to sit through the whole signing can gauge when we will hit that part of the alphabet.  (Don’t worry!  If you are late, we will hold your book until we see you arrive) When you come into the ‘room’ you will announce yourself.  “I’m Jesse M and Robin has a book to sign for me.”  Etc.
  6. Robin will sign your book and you will have the chance to type in a question for her. Office Kat or Duane will read your question aloud, and Robin will answer it and sign your book.
  7. If your order is over $20, University Book Store will send you your signed book for free, book rate within the US. If you are in a different country or want the book sent faster, you will have to pay for shipping.

Important points to remember!

Buy the book before May 31 through University Book Store Website.

Put a note that you want it cyber signed and exactly how you wish it signed in the comments section.

Send a note AFTER you get the confirmation from the bookstore.

Come to the Facebook Live on June 10, 11 AM PST and sign in.

And now for some questions you may have:

Is there an extra fee for participating?

No. You simply purchase the book through University Book Store. The signing is free. Standard book rate shipping is free on orders over $20.

Can I buy the book elsewhere and send it there for signing?

No. The bookstore and especially Duane will be doing a lot of extra work to make this happen. The book must be purchased through them.

How much is shipping?  

The University Book Store will ship your books for free, at book-rate and within the US if your order is over $20.  If you wish to use faster shipping or are overseas, the shipping will vary.

Must I have a Facebook in order to participate?

Yes.  You will have to have a Facebook sign in to participate in Facebook Live events.

How many books can I have signed?

Please limit the books to 3, or to the signed Fitz and the Fool hardback trilogy and 2 others.

Can I ask Robin a question?

Yes, when Robin picks up your book to sign, she will ask if you have a question.

What if something happens and I don’t get to the Facebook Live signing? 

Robin will still sign your book as requested and it will be mailed to you.

Can I still get a signed book even if I don’t want to attend the cyber signing? 

Of course.  Just indicate that in the comments section when you order the book(s).  Robin (and many other PNW writers) routinely autograph and dedicate books for people via the University Book Store website.

If we can make this work, we hope to do more of them in the future.  Bear in mind that this will be our maiden voyage upon the Cyber Seas.  We already know there will be glitches, but we will do our best.  And we will make sure you get your book, signed the way you want it signed, delivered to you!

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