US Book Launch TODAY!



Tonight at 7 PM, I’ll be launching the US editions of Assassin’s Fate at University Book Store.

I’m going to get a little sentimental here.

Years ago, when I was first trying to be a writer, Duane Wilkins at University Book Store befriended Megan Lindholm.He invited me to come to the store and launch my Lindholm paperbacks from there. He also began to recommend books, not just for me to read, but for my kids. He unerringly chose great books for each and every one of us.

Today, over 30 years later, he is recommending books for my grandkids, still with that precision of knowing who the reader is and finding the perfect books for each of us. For one of us, Mo Willems Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive the Bus or a full series of Tamora Pierce for another.  A true book seller and now a long time friend.

So, launching Assassin’s Fate from the same store that launched Assassin’s Apprentice, with the same book seller presiding, is just . . . amazing for me.

I’m looking forward to readers joining us tonight. Some will be my ‘regulars’ and I hope to see new readers as well.  I always love these events and the friendly atmosphere of the store.

So, if you can, join us at 7 PM for a reading, a question and answer session, and the ritual ‘signing of the books’.

If you can’t joins us, it’s not too late to give them a call and get a book.  I can still sign it however you wish, and they can hold it for you, or ship it for free. .

1.800.335.7323 | 4326 University Way, N.E.



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