Phoenix Comicon and Elevengeddon Signing


My suitcase is packed and tomorrow at 5 AM, I will head for the airport for Phoenix Comicon.  It is, unsurprisingly, in Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center.  I’ve been to a number of comic cons and pop culture festivals, and perhaps I should be jaded and bored by them now.

But I’m not.

I love pop culture.  I like the energy and the spirit and above all the enthusiasm of people from different fandoms converging in one place. Some come for the film stars, some to see movie trailers. Some are there to buy T-shirts and earrings and bumper stickers and merchandise yet to be imagined.  Some actually are there to buy, sell and trade comics, old and new, or to meet the artists and writers who create graphic novels.

And some will come to meet authors and buy books and also to get free books.  My kind of people!

I am scheduled for several panels over the weekend, and also for signing sessions at the Del Rey booth. A number of Del Rey authors will be attending, and we are all happy to sign books you buy, books you bring from home, and books you get for free at the booth.  Remember to bring a sturdy bag with you!

But what if you cannot attend the comicon?  It happens. Work schedules, budgets, small children, all sorts of obligations and obstacles can keep you away.  But if you can find some time on Wednesday evening, you can still come and meet authors and get books sighed.  A signing party sponsored by fantasy author Sam Sykes and independent bookstore the Poisoned Pen will welcome you.


I’ll look forward to seeing you at Elevengeddon or Phoenix Comicon or both!

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