4 AM in Tacoma Pssst? You Awake?


I am.

I adjusted to the English time zone.  So my body thinks it’s 8 hours later than it is.  I woke at 2 AM  but forced myself to stay in bed until 4. And now I’m up, trying to catch up with myself.

But everyone else is asleep.  So I’m doing the quiet puttering things I can get finished in the quiet of the house.  Most of that is unpacking my purse of the debris from the UK trip and preparing for the US excitement. Out of my purse comes my e-tickets and boarding passes to shred, bits of scrap paper, luggage tags, etc.

And of course I need to replenish and restock everything I will need when I sign at University Book Store in Seattle tomorrow evening, May 12th..

Somehow, in my travels I have acquired a good supply of pens.  Or so I think until I find that half of them are drained of ink.  I find two rocks from Mousehole in Cornwall, my usual souvenir of visiting a new place.  And a supply of my old Moo business cards.  I’m always a bit sad that I can’t get these particular kind any more.  I liked having my own messages and colors printed on them. It looks as if my supply of post-its is dangerously low.  They are essential in a long signing line, so that that readers can precisely print the name they wish for the dedication.  I will need to restock those, especially since I’ll be making a journey down to Powell’s Books in Beaverton, Oregon on May 15th.Cosmo online to do an interview to be posted later.

Oh, and I’d best post the link to the essay on Tor.com 

And, after much delay, the link to a Skype interview I did with Nemira, my Romanian publisher!

Oh!  One more thing, and the clock is ticking on this one.  If you cannot get to one of my signings, and you desperately want an autographed first edition hardback in pristine condition, then The Signed Page is your friend.  And not just for my books, as you will discover if you follow that link!

Is that everything?  Well, it’s all my jet-lagged brain can recall at the moment.

Unless I add Phoenix Comic Con at the end of this month! Just look at all the authors who will be attending!

Well, the sun is up and there are chores to do.  Eggs to pick up, Chickens to check on, seeding plants to water a bit. (The ones inside. The ones outside are mostly drowning in all the rain we’ve had!)

I hope to meet some of you at one of the events!

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