Today is the Fool’s Day! Repost the Riposte!


Today is April 1. April Fool’s Day, a day for tricks and pranks! 

We must celebrate!


So, several hours have passed! Some prizes have been found, others remain in the wilds.

So here is a second round of hints. The actual names of the Bookstores will be added in BOLD

So, in honor of Fools everywhere, we have decided to play a foolish game with our readers.

Here is what you need to know.  In 13 bookstores, in various locations in the US (well, and one in Canada!) our friendly booksellers have each hidden an envelope.

In that envelope, you will find a small token of our esteem, something to use immediately, and a postcard to return to me.  First, of course, you will most carefully print your name and return address on that postcard.

And once we receive that postcard, we will send you from our offices, a box of Foolishness.  (Because we love immediate gratification as much as you do, the two Tacoma locations will immediately give you your prize box! Saving us postage and ending your suspense!)


Now, there are only 13 bookstores.  The distribution is not fair at all. That’s life. We do the best we can!

Please do remember to thank effusively the bookstores that have agreed to let us play our little game in their stores!

Now, where are the stores?  And where are the hints you will need to find the hidden envelope?

Well, that is where the puzzle begins.  On this website, you will find some hints to locate the stores.  But you may have to explore elsewhere on the Internet to find the clues that will guide you inside the bookstore.

1.       If you live in Petersburg, Florida, you might start your quest on a street that shares a name with both Franklin and Teddy.  If this were a Monopoly game, you’d be looking for a dark blue deed, not Boardwalk but the other one.  Park Place Books  IT HAS BEEN CLAIMED!


2.       If you are in Madera, California, you might look for a bookstore with a name that reminds you of buying tickets for a sea voyage.  The address begins with a prime number between 47 and 53.  Book Passage

3.       If you are in San Francisco, think of a bookstore that shares the name of a series written by Terri Windling that dealt with an area where the worlds of elves and humanity overlapped. But perhaps you think of a first person shooter game developed by Gearbox.  It’s on a street that shares the name of my favorite sort of orange. Borderlands  PRIZE IS FOUND

4.        Are you in Minneapolis? Then perhaps you should think of where your night time musings about books would carry you to safety.  A place celebrating its 40th year of helping books find their proper homes! The address contains the digits 0,1,2 and 3! Dreamhaven

5.        In Albany, New York, there is a store with a name that might remind you of a series of stairs, or perhaps flying.  It is on a street that is not mud, nor gravel, nor pavement.  Think of what you might find on the beach. Flights of Fantasy  *  Caveat: we have not heard from them; they may not be playing after all!

6.        Tacoma, Washington, where the sweet peas bloom, there is a store that is regal on a saintly street. (This store will give you your prize right away! Find the envelope, be given the box!) King’s Books  Prize Found

7.       San Diego California has one of my favorites, a bookstore named for the enigmatic star system, on a street named for a Spanish explorer known for crossing the Isthmus of Panama. Mysterious Galaxy  PRIZE HAS BEEN FOUND!

8.       Seattle Washington, the Emerald City, is home to a bookstore that serves students. The name of the bookstore is also the name of the avenue it is on.  Duane’s name means small and dark, but as Avram Davidson once observed, he is neither.  Take your time on this one! The clue won’t work until the afternoon shift begins!  University Book Store  SEATTLE   PRIZE HAS BEEN FOUND

9.       Middleburry, Vermont is home to a bookstore with a Stately Name.  It’s on a street that could be the name of a state, if that state dropped the final e. VERMONT Book Shop

10.   Tacoma, Washington  . . . . yes, again.  It is my home town. And we were fortunate enough to have two bookstores agree to play our game.  The bookstore you want this time is across the street from the statue of the fellow with the carpetbag, and next to coffee shop named after Captain Ahab’s First Mate.  University Book Store Tacoma  PRIZE HAS BEEN FOUND!

11.   I went to college in Denver, Colorado!  For a whole year, I was at Denver University.  In the city of Denver, you will find a bookstore whose name well describes the appearances of my well read books. Go to the correct one!  The street it is on used to be Highway 40, but as a street it’s named after a politician whose first name was Schuyler.  Tattered Cover!  PRIZE HAS BEEN FOUND!

12.   Our Northern neighbor in the lovely location of Toronto, Ontario was a bookstore that is on a street rather like a port, but ending in a d.  It has a fascinating name. The first part is taken from ‘the weeper who mourns for all makind’.  I do hope you’ve read Dune.  The second part is the name of the bird who sets itself on fire, to rise renewed from the ashes.  Oh, this one is far too easy to deduce!  Bakka Phoenix  The PRIZE HAS BEEN FOUND!


13.   Cambridge, MA    For our last bookstore, we resort to the classics.  Milton coined a word to be the name of the capital of Hell, where folk behaved in noisy and uncontrolled ways.  That word is the name of the bookstore.  Surely a strange title for a store on a street whose name denotes that it is pleasing and agreeable.  Pandemonium   THE PRIZE HAS BEEN FOUND!


So there you are!  13 stores!

And the clues themselves?  Well, if you locate the bookstore, perhaps someone there might be kind enough to tell you the clue.  Or you might find it on Twitter. Or Facebook. 


Off you go now!  Have Fun!


Happy April Fool’s Day!

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