Getting a Signed Book The Quick Answer!

Chase just updated the Appearances Tab! So if you click there, you can see my stops in both the UK and the US, and if I’ll be coming soon to a venue near you.

But for most of you, I won’t be anywhere near you!  Still, there are two ways to get signed books.

For the reader who wants a perfect and pristine hardback first edition, please visit Shawn Speakman’s The Signed Page.  He will have 306 copies of Assassin’s Fate..  I will be going there to sign and personalize those on May 13.  If you wait, they may all be spoken for.  I sign those books and Shawn packages them meticulously and sends them out,all over the world.

The other possibility is to contact University Book Store, in Seattle and pre-order Assassin’s Fate.  Let them know that you would like the book personalized (if you do) and signed.  I will be doing a reading and signing there on May 12, and that is when I will sign all those books. The bookstore will then send them on their way to you. I believe they offer free shipping, at media rate.  (Slow but reliable!)

Sometimes people ask me if they can buy a book from me, and have me sign it and send it to them. I can’t do that, because I’m not a book seller.

And sometimes people offer to send me a book for me to sign and then post back to them. And I have to say ‘no’ for several reasons.  IT rains a lot here, and if the package with your book is left out on my doorstep, it will be drenched. And if it makes it through to me, it means I must still take it back to the post office and stand in line to ship it back to you.  So I’m afraid I can’t do that, and I greatly appreciate your understanding!




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