Packing up the website! Farewell,

You probably won’t notice any difference, really.

But for many years, my websites ( and have been hosted on   And sadly, is closing up shop.

I want to publicly thank them for late night instant tech help. For walking me through setting up my email, not once but several times until it finally sank into my brain. For providing a space for a Robin Hobb newsgroup for many years. In that newsgroup. I met friends who I’ve known now for years. Friends I’ve met in person, dined with, squabbled with and emerged still as friends.  Flames were a rare occurrence there and were sometimes doused before I even saw them flaring up.  Discussions were frank and open, on things that often you can’t discuss on the internet at all.  So for me, it’s the end of an era.

I think I’ve found a good new home for them.  A webmaster who listens and explains well, who is very local and has great creative ideas of his own.  So the websites will be just fine.

On we go, into something new!


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