It’ Snowing On Me

The weather report said it was going to rain most of the day and turn into snow tonight.  But when I read that this morning, the snow had already begun to fall.

I live in Western Washington.  We do get snow, but it comes, it stays a few hours and it melts. Usually. I grew up in Fairbanks.  Snow isn’t a big deal. Most of the time, the snow here doesn’t even completely cover the winter grass.

But as the day went on, the snow continued to fall.

It covered the mud and it covered the grass.  And it continued to fall.

It began to be real snow.  Like Alaska when I was a kid.

It began to coat the porches, and fill up the dogs’ dishes and the chicken’s troughs.

And tonight, it’s still falling thickly.  My camera can only capture it as streaks in the porch light.

Tomorrow I have places to go and things to do.  I’m supposed to personalize some Subterranean editions for Shawn at TheSignedPage.  I think it may be a bit more interesting of a drive then I’d supposed; some drivers confuse speed with power when they’re going up an icy hill.  But it’s also possible that by noon tomorrow, we will be back to green pastures and wet black roads.  But tonight, with only my house lights:

This is the same pasture I photographed earlier.

And in the darkness, inviting me to run away . . .

Black Formal Dresses


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