What I Did Over My Weekend


So. This is what my coffee table looks like now.  Lots of people requested bookplates, from all over the world.  Far more than I had expected.  But Chase has been very organized. These envelopes are all stamped and addressed, with bookplates inside and notes on names for signing them.

So all I have to do is open each one, sign the bookplates, include a short note of thanks, and pop them into the mail.  If I say it fast, it sounds pretty easy!  But I’m running out of different ways to say, “Thank you for being interested in the books!” and “Thank you for being a reader.”  I suppose I could just put in the bookplates all by themselves, but you know, I really do want to write that note and say Thanks.  This kind of encouragement is wonderful for a writer.

So, if you’ve sent a note to Chase (Please see my earlier post about how to do that!) then soon your bookplates will be on their way. And when you read my note, even if it’s not particularly elegant, please do know I mean those words of thanks!


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