oops! We ran out of book plates!

Just a quick note to say that you took us by surprise with the level of response.

We ran out of bookplates!

Chase is on it, and put the order in at the printers already. So as soon as more bookplates arrive, we will be sending them on their way.

In the meantime, I’m not as fast to get these signed and into the mail as I had hoped to be.  I’m doing the galleys for the US edition of Assassin’s Fate, and I’m finding I’m not as fast a reader as I used to be. Especially for critical reading, since this is my very last chance to catch any errors before the printer begins to make text into a real book!

So, please be patient with us. We are all cranking the book plate process as fast was we can. And thanks again to all the lovely readers who responded with requests.  It’s both gratifying and heartening to know that there are many people who enjoyed the books enough to want an autographed bookplate.  We will continue to take requests through January 31.  If you’d like one, please scroll back to my earlier post about bookplates to get the precise directions on how to get one!

Thanks to all!




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