Geffen Award and Golden Fool now in Spanish!

Well, I could say that headline says it all!  But I’ll add some pictures, as both of these pieces of news make me very happy.

We’ve had a tough week here.  I don’t know what’s going around, but it knocked Kat for a loop and put her out of commission, and Ru wasn’t much better.  Chase and I have soldiered on, keeping up with editing a books and updating social media while getting kids to and from school, making grocery runs, and in my case, staying up all night at Kat’s house with The Two Year Old Who Needs No Sleep.  If I ever make a horror film, that will be the title.

But on to the good news, seeing as how Kat now feels better, and I can actually get to my keyboard for some fun stuff.

First, here’s the cover of the new Spanish language edition of Golden Fool, Book Two of The Tawny Man Trilogy. It’s gorgeous!

golden-fool-spanishIt’s featured right now on the Me Gusta Leer website.   I’m so incredibly pleased to be published and read south of the US border now! And as always, I acknowledge a huge debt to my wonderful translators, GARCIA CAMPOS RAUL and MANUEL DE LOS REYES GARCIA CAMPOS.


And my second piece of news is just as wonderful!  Every year, the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy gives out awards for the ‘year’s best.’  And this year, I am proud to say that Fool’s Assassin was chosen as the Best Translated Fantasy!

Geffen Award Certificate
Geffen Award Certificate

toupee uk
Now, the text on the award says it is presented to me. But we all know how I feel about my translators! So I want to publicly extend both my thanks and my congratulations to Zafrir Grossman, who did all the work that makes this possible!

The man on the right in the photo (with the beard) is Zafrir Grossman, editor and translator.  The man on the left (in the Captain America t-shirt) is Eyal Goren, the editor at Opus. 

And now, back to my regularly scheduled editing work on Assassin’s Fate!  Wish me luck!


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