Cosplay Contestants!

Well, the predicted remnants of the typhoon brought us a lot of rain, knocked my apples off the tree and took out my power for awhile!  Nonetheless, we are all still here, and we are ramping up for Jet City Comic Show in early November in Tacoma, Washington!

Last month, we announced a cosplay contest, with the winner to either attend Jet City Comic Show as our guest, or to receive a box of signed hardbacks in the mail.  The deadline was October 15, and we have nine entrants all ready for viewing.  Now, as a person who could never put on a costume, let alone perform as a character, all seven of these entrants have already earned my admiration.

If you’d like to give us feedback on which one you loved the very, very best, please send an email to  and let him know.  Here are the links, numbered for easy voting:


#1.  Isa

#2  Cortney

#3  Louisa

#4  Ania

#5  Alessandra

#6  Charlotte

#7  Hermitknut

#8   Amanda

#9   Lisa

Thank you to everyone who chose to participate!  It has been lovely to see the characters as you would imagine them.



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