Cosplay Contest results and Happy Hallowe’en!

Well, the candy bowl is by the door, the lights are set, and as soon as it gets a bit darker, I’ll put the spooky light inside my porch gargoyle’s mouth to welcome Trick or Treaters.  Hallowe’en is one of my favorite holidays!  I love the neighborhood kids in costume, the spookiness of the wind and blowing leaves and darkness, and the little voices coming from the dark in the night.

It’s also the perfect day to announce our Cosplay Contest winners!

I honestly loved them all.  It was wonderful to see my characters brought to life in such diverse ways!  After much discussion in the offices, we decided to defer to the popular vote. So with great pleasure, I would like to congratulate Lisa, #9 of our contestants, on her win.  Here’s the google link to her performance:

If you missed my earlier post, please go back to October 17 and enjoy clicking on every one of the entries.  They are all delightful.

And because I enjoyed them all so much, I’ve decided that each one merits at least a small prize!  I’ll be contacting them by email, so if you entered, please look for an email from Robin Hobb in the next few days! Don’t let me languish in the junk mail filter!

Thanks again to everyone who entered!  I enjoyed it tremendously, and I hope you did also!


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