Subterranean Hobb Hardbacks: A Second Chance


Well, those Subterranean sets sold out fast, didn’t they?  You can still buy individual copies, including buying a copy of each book to have the full set!  And please note that Subterranean kept that price at $180 for all three!

BUT, if you really wanted a set, and you’d like them personalized to you, then The Signed Page is your friend.  Shawn Speakman runs the site, and it’s an excellent place to acquire first edition signed fantasy and SF hardbacks in pristine condition.  And at that site, you can still order a set of Farseer hardbacks, and when they are released, I will personalize them to you before Shawn sends them on their way.

There are not many, and you are hearing it first here!  So if you want these, jump on it now!


The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

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