Farseer Cosplay Contest and Jet City Comic Show



Jet City Comic Show (http://www.jetcitycomicshow.com/) is just around the corner!  It opens from November 5-6, in the Tacoma Convention Center. This is a very affordable and accessible Comic Show, with an $18 ticket (https://squareup.com/store/jet-city-shows) getting you in for both days. Jet City covers a wide range of popular culture, with comic artists and writers, actors, illustrators, costumers and vendors of all kinds.

I am delighted to be a guest again this year, and anticipating meeting a lot of readers there, in addition to indulging myself in comics and costume-watching.

To make this con even more fun for myself (yes, I’m selfish that way) I’d like to see cosplay from Assassin’s Apprentice, the first volume of the Farseer Trilogy.  So, here in the office, we’ve come up with what we think is an excellent idea.

We will suggest four passages of dialogue from Assassin’s Apprentice, from four different characters. You, a cosplayer, choose one, and create a YouTube video of yourself, in costume and character, delivering that piece of dialogue. You will then send us a link to your video that we can share on our social media. (Website, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter . . . you get the idea) We will gauge viewer reaction across all the various platforms, plus the reaction here in the offices, and choose four winners.  (And if you really want to choose a different character and piece of dialogue, you can. But it must be from Assassin’s Apprentice only!)

Deadline to send us a link is October 15, 2016!  That gives you a month and a half!

If you win, we hope you will be local enough that you can accept a prize of a two-day pass to Jet City Comic Show, and dinner with Robin Hobb and her staff.

But if not, if you live in some imaginary place like Massachusetts or France, you are still welcome to join in.  The winning prize for you would be a box of autographed hardback books. And a few surprises.

Winners who cannot attend Jet City Comic Show may also opt out of the signed hardbacks and instead receive a membership to Rustycon, a fantasy/SF convention held in January, the 13-15th, at the Sea-Tac airport Marriott, if that convention is more convenient to you.

N.B.  (That nota bene, or note well!) If your age, gender, coloration or whatever differ from the physical description of the characters in the books, we don’t care. Channel your inner Fitz, Fool, Kettricken or Molly, and persuade us!

Here are your suggested lines:

Fitz:  From Assassin’s Apprentice, Chapter 12 Patience

I shrugged.  “Burrich rode it down. And he cursed me down as if it were my fault, and told me  that he’d have knocked me silly if the beast had hurt Sooty.  As if could have known it would turn toward me.” I hesitated.  “Chade, I know the Fool is strange. But I like it when he comes to talk to me.  He speaks in riddles, and he insults me, and makes fun of me, and gives himself leave to tell me things he thinks I should do, like wash my hair system or not wear yellow. But . . .


Fool:  From Assassin’s Apprentice, Chapter 7, An Assignment

“Hardly.” He paused long enough to turn and say, “Fitz fixes feists fits. Fat suffices.  It’s a message, I believe.  A calling for a significant act.  As you are the only one I know who endures being called Fitz, I believe it’s for you.  As for what it means, how should I know?  I’m a fool, not an interpreter of dreams.  Good day.”

Molly:  From Assassin’s Apprentice, Chapter 16  Lessons

She laughed heartily.  “Newboy, I have never met anyone as immune to gossip as you seem to be.  How can you live right up there in the keep and know nothing of that which is the common talk of the town?  Verity has agreed to take a bride, to assure the succession. But the story in town is that he is too busy to do his courting himself, so Regal will find him a lady.”


Kettricken: From Assassin’s Apprentice, Chapter 20 Jhaampe

“Of course, how could I have been so stupid?  You are the one they call Fitz. Do not you usually travel with Lady Thyme, King Shrewd’s poisoner?  And are you not training as her apprentice? Regal has spoken of you.”


We are hoping to receive a number of entries.  Once you have your video up, please send a link to Chase@Robinhobb.com   Please be sure to let us know your name and a contact phone number (That information will not be publicly shared.)  Let us also know if you are available for Jet City Comic Show and/or Rustycon or just hoping for a box full of books! The deadline to share that link is October 15, 2016!




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