Verite le Dragon : Final Volume of Graphic Novels of Farseer Trilogy

vol 10 Farseer Soleil

We approach the end of what has been a wonderful project.  Not that I did any of the work! But watching it unfold has been a keen pleasure to me.  Volulme 10 of L’Assassin Royal, Verite le Dragon (And I do wish I could figure out how to put in the correct accent marks!) will conclude Soleil’s series of graphic novels that re-tell the story of The Farseer Trilogy.

I have greatly enjoyed watching this unfold!  Soleil, a French publisher of graphic novels, spent a number of years adapting the tale of Fitz and his companions to graphic novels.  A succession of writers and artist have worked on this project, each bringing an individual insight and inspiration to the project. Yet they have all managed to stay very close to my telling of the story, for which I am very grateful.

This publication will be, of course, French and the texts are all in French.  I’ve found the previous volumes very beneficial to my efforts to improve my ability to read French! And I’d recommend them to any American student of that language as an enjoyable way to practice.

I am often asked by US readers if they can buy the Soleil books in the US.  They are available through Amazon  But of course I would entirely recommend that you make a dedicated visit to France to obtain them. You would never regret that!

And I would greatly appreciate it if any readers who have enjoyed these books would leave reviews on Amazon or Goodreads to help other readers evaluate them.

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