New Bookplates!


I sometimes receive requests by mail to autograph books.  Unfortunately, most of my packages are left on my doorstep, and the rainy Washington weather is not kind to books.   So rather than have readers send me books to be signed and then make multiple trips to the post office so I can mail them back, I usually offer to send bookplates.They’re also useful when I visit conventions.  Sometimes readers like to receive extra signatures for friends or for books at home.  In the past, I’ve purchased pre-printed bookplates, and more recently, had them personalized.  I enjoyed them, but wished for ones that had a bit more room to personalize for the reader.

For years, I’ve been friends with Carol Ann Craig.  I’ve enjoyed her art, and when she moved to Tacoma, we were able to meet in person.  We shared food, plants, and stories of how we work.  So I recently approached her with the idea that perhaps she could design custom bookplates for me. This one, above, will the for the Farseer Trilogy, and features FitzChivalry’s charging buck.  As we are so pleased with how these turned out, we will be ordering additional bookplates with suitable images for the Liveship Traders trilogy, The Tawny Man trilogy and the Rain Wild Chronicles.  And eventually, I hope, for the Fitz and the Fool Trilogy.  Each trilogy will have a specialized bookplate for it.

I will have some of these available when I visit Gencon in Indianapolis,  Indiana, USA  in August.  I will be a Guest of Honor for the Writer’s Symposium there.  The dates are August 4 to 7.  To find our more about Gencon, the biggest, longest-running, best-attended gaming convention in the world,  please visit their website at

And if you won’t be attending Gencon, and would still like autograph inserts for your Farseer Trilogy, please contact    Be sure to include your name, a good mailing address (Do not forget to include the country!  You’d be amazed at how many people forget to put New Zealand or United Kingdom or Germany at the end of their address!)  And if you want more than a simple autograph, be sure to include that information, as in “To Zeke” or “Happy Birthday Sara!”

As the other bookplates are created, we’ll share images of them here.  Thank you so much, Carol Ann Craig.

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