Miscon Approaches!

And what is Miscon?  It’s Montana’s longest running SF/fantasy convention, held in Missoula over the last weekend in May.

It’s over Memorial Day weekend, so our plan is to head down with several of Hobb’s Goblins (the apprentice assistants) and Kat, Chase and Ru (the folks who get things done around here) and have a wonderful time at the convention.

I am very pleased to say that I will be their writing Guest of Honor.  I would be very flattered if you came just to visit with me, but Miscon is also featuring Abney Park, Dragon Dronet, Chad Volpe, and Jeff Sturgeon.  Word Fire Press will also be on hand!

What can you expect?  Book discussions, costumes, panels of all sort, costuming, art, meeting old friends, meeting new friends, buying books, movies, enjoying music . . . well, all sorts of fun and exciting things.

We’ll hope to see you there!





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