March doesn’t seem to be coming in as either a lamb or a lion this year, but a bit of both every day. Right now here in Western Washington, USA  the weather is mild and for the moment, no rain is falling.  For the first time in months, I have doors open wide to let in fresh air. They also admit very wet and muddy dogs, but that’s also part of living in Washington.


I hope you like what Keith of xelitemedia  and Chase have done with the website!  I find it brighter and more inviting.  Keith is very easy to work with, and listens!  So if you are looking for website design, perhaps you should have a look at his website.  It has been a pleasure to work with someone who employs his own creativity to the project while paying attention to the concerns of the owner!

Chase, our office expediter and all around ‘get it done’ person has also undertaken showcasing some of the wonderful fan art that we receive.  He can be reached at   Please, if you send us art, know that we will be sharing it on social media, and be sure to let us know exactly how you’d like to be credited and if you wish, include a link to a webpage or social media.  Be aware, too, that we are hoping for a flood of it, and that we also have a backlog he is working through. Patience, please!  He has been featuring some of it on our Tumblr (therealrobinhobb) already.

I daily receive many queries on how Assassin’s Fate is faring. I am doing my best.  I write on it daily,but it has also involved a lot of checking and cross checking with the previous books.  Even so, I look forward to the efforts of my copy editors to keep me honest.

And the manuscript is what I must return to right now.  I am both re-writing the earlier parts of the book, and pushing into the end chapters. I need to get back to that, as I left Fitz and Amber in a room with Kennitsson, on board the Paragon. 

And yes, I’m really having fun with that scene!

Thanks for being readers and I hope you are having as lovely a spring day as I am.  Unless you live in Australia or New Zealand or Brazil!  Adjust your seasons as necessary!



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