Finalized Schedule for Emerald City Comic Con (We think!)

Well, we are counting down the days now.  I think it’s always fun to do an event so close to home!

First of all, if you haven’t visited the Emerald City Comic Con website, I suggest you do!  They have a complete schedule of events and information on food, and parking and well, everything. There is also an App you can put on your phone so you won’t miss anything.

Friday, April 8

We hope to arrive early at the convention, and spend a bit of time wandering the gathering and getting our bearings.  It’s at the Washington State Convention Center.  Here’s your handy link to directions and parking!

4 PM  Room W603  Join me, and Tricia Narwani, Kevin Hearne and Peter V Brett  as we discuss Deleted Scenes.  We’ll each be reading a bit of a book that never made it into print.  And then we’ll discuss why that section never reached the readers! This should be very interesting!

5:15, Room W 603  Would I Lie to You?   Of course I would. And I will. Blithely and with style, I hope!  Some of you will be familiar with this game show format, but all of us will be having a good time. I will be there to lie to you and to Myke Cole, Jason Hough, Kevin Hearne, J.L. Murray, Ramez Naam and Karina Cooper.  Come and see if you can tell when writers are being honest.

6:30  Signing at Table 29  After our panel on lying, we will disperse and meet in the signing area. Books will be readily available to buy if you didn’t bring yours from home.  I will sign until they force me to leave.  And even then, we’ll find a place to sign more stuff if there are still readers waiting when the tables are taken over by the next batch of writers.

Saturday, April 9

2 PM, University Book Store Booth 5100  I am looking forward to hanging out with my old friend and bookseller Duane Wilkins at the U Book Store booth.  Books are available to buy there and I’m happy to sign them.  Come by and chat a bit.  We always have a good time there.

7PM, Room 2AB  Come Game with us! You will need to buy a ticket for this, but you don’t have to be a member of comic con!  There will be gaming with writers (I’ll be playing Scrabble with you!) and a silent auction of donated items, all to raise funds for Patrick Rothfuss’s charity Worldbuilders!  Funds raised are passed on to Heifer International, a charity that helps people become self sufficient by supplying them with livestock. As a small farmer and chicken/duck/goose owner, I know this works very well.  Come play with us.  Tickets and more information

Sunday, April 10

1:15, Room T301  Don’t Give up, There’s Room for You!  How did I get myself into this!  I’m moderating a panel on film.  Kat Ogden, Rose Hall, Emilie Shimkus and Pete Anderson will be there to share their adventures and advice on breaking into film making. How do you move from hobby to professional in film and television while wrangling a family (be it eldercare or kids) while your head bangs against the glass.ceiling?  Let’s ask them. Bring your questions and yes, your kids!  No one will roll their eyes at you if your baby begins to wail during this panel!


So that’s the line up!  I will be wandering the convention in between panels.  I’m always happy to stop and chat, sign a book or share a cup of coffee with readers. See you there!


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