Emerald City Comic Con

Chase here, for those attending Emerald City Comic Con this year and hope to connect with us, we will be starting our first panel off on Friday the 8th, at 4pm in room W603, alongside Kevin Hearne, Peter V. Brett, and Tricia Narwani. That same day at 5:15pm in the same room will be the Would I Lie To You panel, with Myke Cole, Jason M. Hough, Kevin Hearne, Karina Cooper, Peter Brett, and J.L. Murray, followed with a book signing until 7:30pm. On Saturday we will be inside the University Book Store on University Way at 2pm for book signing and fun little giveaways! On the final day, Robin will moderate the Don’t Give Up, There’s Room For You panel in room T301 at 1:15pm, with Office Kat (Kat Ogden), Rose Hall, Emilie Shimkus, and Pete Anderson. In between these activities we will be roaming the pathways and booths with happy feet, we do hope to see you there!

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