The Last Hidden Copy of Ship of Magic has been found!

So, Don figured out those clues and found the last book and invitation!  Many thanks to all who played our little game.  Kat, Chase and I have had fun, and we hope you did, too.

For those who care about knowing the solution to riddles, here it is!

Wholesale dry goods, or food for the mind…?

It all depends on the year.

This Gathered, Weighty and Peaceful place, Has a Link to get you


The tome, suspended, Aladdin’s pride, Floats above enchained.

Ask for help if you need a hand,

Then the prize you have attained.

University Book Store, Tacoma branch, is in the GWP building on campus (stands for Garretson Woodruff and Pratt, Wholesale Dry Goods merchants in 19th Century Tacoma).

“Gathered” refers to the word “Gather” on the top of the building, “Weighty” to the fact that the building is made from bricks, and

“Peaceful” to Pacific Avenue.  And the Link station for UWT is right outside the door!


The book will be floating on a magic carpet, from ceiling chains, opposite Joan’s desk, near the Starbucks door.

So there you have it!  Or rather, Don has it now!




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