Pssst! Tacoma? Are you still awake?

Yeah, me too.  Hey, did you do Monkeyshines this year?  You know, that cool thing where anonymous people hide all sorts of little glass treasures everywhere, and people get up at dawn to search for them.

I hope you did.

I didn’t.  Overslept.  That’s life.  Write all night, oversleep and miss Monkeyshines.

But . . . the Office Kat and Chase the Expediter and I have decided that February has been to grey and wet and we need to do more fun things in Tacoma.

So, tomorrow, February 11th, come on by the website again and you’ll find that we’ve organized a little game.  A bit of a riddle game, a bit of a treasure hunt . . . And that’s enough of a hint for now.  Drop in tomorrow morning for the first round!



Yup. That’s a hint!

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