Good Morning, Tacoma! Ready for a Riddle?

It’s 1 PM and the second set of clues for the second book are now added!  No finders have RSVP’d so I think the first book is still out there!  Good Luck!


It’s been a bit drizzly and gray outside. Perfect weather for curling up by the fire with a book, as all bookish people know.  But all bookish people also know that they should  make themselves go outside for a bit, just for the cloud-filtered vitamin D and a bit of fresh air and exercise.  And maybe a chance to find and take home one of these.

ShipofMagic-USThat’s the US hardback of Ship of Magic.  It is long out of print in hardback though you can still find it in paperback with an awesome new cover!  But if you want to buy one of these, most likely you’re going to end up on E-Bay or

Unless you play our little game right here in Tacoma.

We’ve hidden a hardback copy of Ship of Magic. Inside it, you will find a very nice gift certificate, and an invitation to more fun.  Oh, and a lot of words I wrote that tell a pretty good story.

So, to start the day, here are the first clues to finding the first copy we’ve hidden. ( There will be a total of 3 hidden books.  And only 3.)  We will release the clues to the second copy later today, and the third after that.

Each one is hidden in a place that is easily accessible to the public!

First set of riddles.  Part #1 will help you locate the venue.  Part #2 will guide you to your prize.

#1: We are not on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet

As the cupcakes next door are nothing but

We ARE on the corner

And what we call home

Is placed in the shadow

Of the Magnificent Dome.

#2: As Sam in the forties

He searched for “fowl” treasure.

Uncover his life

On the shelf

For your pleasure.


Almost too easy, right?  Right?

Good Hunting!

And if this one hopelessly stumps you, remember to check back later today for a second set of clues to a different hiding place.


And here we are, 1 PM in Tacoma, and we are about to put up the second venue and hiding spot.

Clue #2

Read carefully!

Wholesale dry goods, or food for the mind…?

It all depends on the year.

This Gathered, Weighty and Peaceful place,

Has a Link to get you here.


The tome, suspended, Aladdin’s pride,

Floats above enchained.

Ask for help if you need a hand,

Then the prize you have attained.

Third set of clues will be posted about 3 PM!

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