Good Afternoon, Tacoma! The final set of clues!

Well, Tacoma, it is still raining, but we are still having fun!

Prize number one has been located and claimed!

Prize number two is still out there, as far as I know!

And here is the puzzle for Prize Number Three.  A word game of my own devising.

Clue Set #3

Location:  Near the intersection of ‘Test Monitor’ and the latitude that divides Western Sahara from Mauritania.


Nearby stores: 

Celestial Deer Caffeine

Down in the Mouth Clothing

King Minos’ Mother Restaurant


Name of establishment:

“To select the good from the bad” +”not salt, but in a grinder on the table”


And within the establishment:

“Go West, young man!”

It’s a Brutal Journey, but you may become a successful hinterlands business person!


As before, when you discover the book, you will also find a gift certificate inside and an invitation!  Please be sure to RSVP right away, so we know the prize has been claimed!


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