Books One and Three have been found, Tacoma!

So, to recap:

Book #1 was found within hours of posting the clues .  Here are the answers!

#1: We are not on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet
As the cupcakes next door are nothing but
treats.  (This is a clear reference to Celebrity Cake Studio, a favorite of ours for fancy cakes for special occasions!)

      We ARE on the corner
And what we call home
Is placed in the shadow
Of the Magnificent Dome.

(Okay, we’re in the Dome district and it’s on a corner. The corner near Celebrity Cakes! Oh, it’s theTacoma Book Center!)

#2: As Sam in the forties
He searched for “fowl” treasure.
Uncover his life  On the shelf
For your pleasure.   (Well, of course, that’s Humphrey Bogart playing Sam in the Maltese Falcon!  Head for the biography section. And there hiding in a dust jacket for Bogart’s biography, Shaina found Ship of Magic! And some other goodies.)

Book Three:  I made up the clue for this one and of course it was absolutely easy and clear! 

Location:  Near the intersection of ‘Test Monitor’ and the latitude that divides Western Sahara from Mauritania. (So easy.  Proctor St and N. 26th.)

Nearby stores:

Celestial Deer Caffeine  (Starbucks Coffee)

Down in the Mouth Clothing (Blue)

King Minos’ Mother Restaurant (Europa, a great Italian restaurant)

Name of establishment:

“To select the good from the bad” +”not salt, but in a grinder on the table”  (Culpepper’s.  Get it?)

And within the establishment:

“Go West, young man!” (In the Western US history section)

It’s a Brutal Journey, but you may become a successful hinterlands business person! (Between two volumes entitled Brutal Journay and Frontier Capitalist.  Arvids found it!


So.  Only one book remains out there.  Here is the clue, again, with a few supplemental hints.:

Wholesale dry goods, or food for the mind…?

It all depends on the year.

This Gathered, Weighty and Peaceful place,

Has a Link to get you here.  (How well do you know the history of downtown Tacoma? Consider what the buildings were named before they acquired their current tenants and uses! P.S.  Those capital letters are not random!)


The tome, suspended, Aladdin’s pride,

Floats above enchained.

Ask for help if you need a hand,

Then the prize you have attained. (Oh, once you are inside the venue, this will be so obvious!)

Come on, Tacoma. There’s a nice gift certificate inside the book, and an invitation to join us on the 29th!



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