Hola a todos!

Yes, that is me, tottering into attempts at Spanish!  I expect it will be fully as awful as my attempts at French, but the world will know I have tried to break my monolingual bonds!

And why Spanish?  Because at the end of this month, Office Kat and I intend to embark on another adventure in international travel.  I have been invited to attend FIL Guadalajara .

What is FIL?  Well, to quote from their website:  “Authors, literary agents, librarians, booksellers and more than 1,932 publishing houses from 43 countries visit us every year. With them, over 750,987 visitors will enjoy the world of books and the very best of the literary and artistic production from United Kingdom, our 2015 Guest of Honor.” Is it any wonder Kat and I are excited to attend?

So, I prepare at least a smattering of Spanish in the hopes of being able to greet readers there!

So far, the Farseer Trilogy and the Liveship Traders trilogy are available in Mexico.

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