Twixt the Cup and the Lip (the “Missing” Paragraph)


Earlier today, I posted here to apologize for a paragraph that was ‘missing’ from the UK edition. Now that we’ve dug a bit deeper, I’m posting to apologize for a cut paragraph that somehow remained in the US edition.

There’s an old saying: There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.

It doesn’t apply only to food.

Please be aware that if you read any further, you will encounter spoilers for the end of Fool’s Quest and of course for Fool’s Assassin.

First of all, the situation: There is a paragraph in the last page of the last chapter of the US edition of Fool’s Quest that does not appear in the UK edition.

Earlier today, I apologized and took the blame for that. The truth is, I was very late turning in the book. And as we worked on the necessary edits for the book, the publication date grew ever closer. On April 7, we were still okaying changes for a book to be published in August! That’s horrifyingly close to the publication date. In those April 7 manuscripts, the paragraph is still there.

But on April 29 (!!!!) I sent yet another email to my editors full of last minute fixes. And among them, I asked that the paragraph in question be cut. If you haven’t read the book, I’ll say only this. The season it references is wrong. It tangles the time line. The season should be winter, not spring. And that is why I asked to cut that paragraph.

So the real issue is not a paragraph that is missing, but one that I meant to cut.

And again, guess who I blame? Me. And no one else.

I apologize.

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