Mistkes! Portuguese is not Spanish. Brazil is not Mexico.

So, when I make a mistake, I don’t make a small one. I like to make immense mistakes, one that leave me sheepish and embarrassed for a long time.

Such as this one!

Back in April, I put up a post, in which I invited readers to look at an interview I’d done with Anderson Tiago. I said it was in Spanish and made some comments about the Liveships coming out in Spanish in Mexico this year.

Except that NO. This interview is in PORTUGUESE. For the books coming out in BRAZIL.

I really wish I could come up with a good excuse for this one, but frankly, there isn’t one. Can I call it a Senior moment? Blame it on being tired? Sure. But it’s actually more about being disorganized and having a list of links I wanted to feature and talking about being published in the Americas besides Canada and the US.

So with no further ado, please follow this LINK for an interview I did with Anderson Tiago!


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