Win Mexican editions of The Farseer Trilogy!


As a follow up to my Spanish/English Ask Me Anything on Reddit Fantasy yesterday, my Mexican publisher has generously sponsored a book give away! Five sets of The Farseer Trilogy, in Spanish. You can enter the contest or the random drawing. Me Gusta Leer is willing to ship the books anywhere in the world! And the covers are gorgeous!

Here is the LINK!

Yesterday’s AMA was a real learning experience for me. We had a few stumbles in the translation process but that was to be expected. The first time you do anything, there are bumps. But all in all, it went great, with nearly 9000 visitors.

There were actually two AMA’s. One was for me, and one was for my Spanish translator, Manuel de los Reyes. He translates many SF and fantasy books into Spanish. He translates for Brent Weeks, too. If you’ve wondered what it’s like to do that sort of work or have the ambition to be a translator, you should visit his AMA.

And finally, here is the link to my reddit fantasy Ask Me Anything. I’ve still got some questions to finish up, but I’ll be chipping away at those this week.

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