I Love Paris in the Morning!

(Apologies in advance for my lack of keyboard skills! French readers will note a lack of properly applied accent marks!  No offense is intended!)


Awakening to bird song in the middle of a city is a wonderful thing.

Office Kat and I have almost shifted over to Paris time now.  It’s can be the toughest part of a book tour or any international visit.  The tricky demon Jet Lag will hit just as you need to be most alert!  But we’ve had a couple of days for our bodies to sort out the time zone, and today I woke up three minutes before my alarm went off.

Yesterday was  a great day for catching up with old friends for me.  For Office Kat, it meant meeting some of the people who have made me love France.

We began the day . with a bit of shopping at a wonderful toy store. We found some great gifts for our team back home at a wonderful shop called lt Etait Une Fois not far from our hotel.  And then, as all cats need stripes, we found Kat an appropriately French striped sweater!

We joined my friend Jean-Luc Rivera for a lovely and extended lunch at Navigator.  Jean-Luc took us for a walk through Paris enroute, with all the ease and expertise of a life long Parisian, with a very helpful running commentary on the history of the city.  Lunch was amazing, a leisurely enjoyment of French cuisine, very well prepared. We will see Jean-Luc again when we board the train for Imaginales, for he has a very busy schedule there as a moderator for a number of panels there. With his depth of knowledge of the SF and Fantasy field, he is a welcome addition to any discussion of the genre.

Then a stroll back to the hotel where we met with my recently-retired former Pygmalion publisher, Charles Dupechez.  We had a wonderful walk through the Montmartre with Charles’ knowledgeable commentary on what we were seeing.  There is nothing like having guide who knows and loves the city!  We followed our walk with an afternoon tea with Charles and Sylvie at his flat, where once more I was in danger of turning green with envy at his well organized collections of classical music and books.

It was a wonderful day!

Today, I will be doing interviews with Michel Valentin for Le Parisien and having a meeting with Sebastien Ciot, a journalist from No Life TV for a special show, “Reves et cris.’  In the afternoon, we will join Joel Metreau, a journalist from 20 Minutes.

But my big anticipation today is for a signing at La Librairie de Paris!  7/11 Place De Clichy, 75017 Paris.  01 45 22 47 81    The event will start at 6 PM this evening, and I’m looking forward to meeting many French readers and internet friends there.


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