Foreign Language Rights Contracts and Fansite listing

I should try much harder to keep these up to date for readers! Some of this news may be a bit dated, but I’ll post it here all the same!

So, I am very pleased to announce that we (The Lotts Agency and I) have completed contracts for the following new editions and reprints.

We have a new agreement with Altin Kitaplar for a Turkish edition of the Tawny Man Trilogy.

There will, of course, be a Dutch edition of Fool’s Quest from Luitingh!

In Germany, Blanvalet will be publishing the Fitz and the Fool trilogy, and eventually reprints of the Farseer trilogy.

In Poland, Mag Jacek Rodek will publish the Fitz and the Fool trilogy.

In Portugal, the boxed set of the Farseer Trilogy is now available!

And of course this year will see The Liveship Trader trilogy published in Spanish for Mexican readers.

And in Italy? Sperling and Kupher will be bringing out the Italian edition of The Fitz and the Fool.

For readers who would like to connect with other readers, I wish I could start a list of Robin Hobb fansites that are in languages other than English. Well, in English, too, I think.

For now, I will put up only a few links.
This one goes to the Facebook for the Italian fansite Blood Memories.The members of this group have always been very warm and friendly toward me, and gave me a wonderful welcome to Italy when I visited there.

This Facebook group posts many images and costumes, with posts in English and French. You have to request to join it. They call themselves La Septieme Duche I regret that I cannot put in the correct accent marks for this!

For general news, often more current than what I post, in English mostly, consider a visit to The Plenty operated by my long time friend Nerwende.

And here is the link to the PlentyWiki, a resource I have resorted to more than once, I blush to admit. They are always looking for people who have time to add to the wiki.

This one is very venerable, and I think the oldest listing I know for a Hobb fansite that is still active. It’s like an bulletin board, and was originally founded by Willem Timmer. Its users fondly refer to it as The Board and is the long time home of The Hobblings. (I am not responsible for that name! :)) HobbYukuboard

Les Rivages Maudit is a French site that is, sadly, inactive now. The old posts may still be of interest to French readers, and who knows? Perhaps it will revive with an influx of new users!

If you have a Robin Hobb fansite or know of one that you think I should add, please do let me know.

And for those patient readers who read all the way to the end, a lovely bit of art for the Taiwanese editions of The Tawny Man. This came out as a six volume set, with a lovely cover that wraps around all the books. Art by Camille Kuo.

Taiwan covers for Tawny Man by Camill Kuo

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