Barnes&Noble E-Book Offer And NEWS from Emerald City Comic Con and Trolls&Legendes

Barnes&Noble is offering US readers some wonderful deals on fantasy e-books. They’ve packaged some of the trilogies together in e-book sets at a special price. I’m glad to say The Farseer Trilogy is one of them.

Ebook cover BandN

On Sunday we wrapped up our visit to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. I was on a panel discussion about Epic Fantasy with writers Patrick Rothfuss, Peter Orullian, Peter V Brett and Steven Erikson. That was an amazing line up, and I’ll admit I listened more than I spoke. Always a good way to learn new things. Follow the link to youtube if you missed the convention.

I’d like to compliment ECCC for all they did to make the convention a greater pleasure for families with children. There was a family room, a new parent room just for parents and babies, and a great place to check your stroller when baby decided to be carried. Excellent ideas one and all, and they definitely made it more enjoyable for me and my Hobb’s Goblins.

And now, with scarcely a day or three to breathe, I am packing and off to Mons, Belgium, and Trolls&Legendes. We will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of this festival and I look forward to seeing how it has grown since last I visited. I cannot imagine it can possibly get better than the last time I was there, but I am prepared to be amazed! I will hope to see many readers there.


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