Happy New Cover!

Oh, it’s January 5, and for many of us, that’s the first day back to work in the New Year. Kids off to school again, and we settle into the winter routine. Solstice is behind us now, and the days begin, little by little to grow longer. But a long slog through winter still lies ahead of us.

So, to bring us all some cheer, here I present the cover that will grace The Fool’s Quest when it is published later this year. The cover artist is Alejandro Colucci. He has been doing the reissued covers for the earlier Realm of the Elderlings books, and of course he also did the US cover for Fool’s Assassin.

Fool's Quest Alejandro Colucci

Wow. That looks so great, I just have to do this:


And this:

Alejandro Colucci, Assassin's Apprentice cover.



Fitz through the years!

I wish you all a Happy New Year!