Fantasy Faction’s Best Books of 2014!

Fantasy Faction has put up its list of the best books of 2014. And I am very honored to be at #1.

I mean extremely and very honored, especially when I see the other books on the list. I’m honored to be in this company at any number.

Other bits of news. Yes, I’m guilty. I disabled the ‘contact me’ on this website. It’s my way of forcing myself to stay focused on fixing and returning book two rather than letting myself answer letters to people and pretend that counts as writing! It’s very easy for me to be distracted or simply to procrastinate by telling myself that ‘this is important, I’ll do it first and work on the book later.’

There ARE things that I do have to do, before or in between or despite writing the book. Laundry, grocery shopping, dog walking. But those are fun compared to B&O taxes for the city and the state, getting my federal tax numbers together for the accountant, and fixing the dent I put in the car. (Have to fix dent: it’s in the perfect location to have the tire spin mud up onto the windshield corner.) So although while I love reading letters from readers and often find time to reply, I’ve put a moratorium on it until I catch up with my work. I’m requiring myself to be at my desk and at my keyboard for hours every day. It’s also why there have not been many updates here.

So please have patience with me. I’m working very hard with my editors to get Fool’s Quest into readable condition.

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