Happy 6th Day of Christmas!

My goodness! I’ve been neglecting the site quite a bit lately, but I think I’ve had good cause.

I had a different sort of Christmas, one in which I traveled to the homes of grown children and grandkids rather than having a house full here. So it was a quieter Christmas, but just as enjoyable.

I finished (finally and very late) the first draft of Fool’s Quest which after much editing and more key hammering will be book two of The Fitz and the Fool Trilogy. I sent it off to my agent and editors just a couple of days before Christmas.

Since then, I’ve begun work on the third book, tentatively entitled Assassin’s Fate which will be the concluding volume of this trilogy. One of my New Year’s resolutions is that I will get this book written and turned in, in a timely fashion. And I’ve acted on that immediately, beginning the new work on December 26th instead of taking a week or two off from writing.

But in an effort to bring a big more balance to my life, one of my other resolutions is to do something outside very day. So I’ve been working down here on my little pocket farm. I’ve been wielding my machete and snips in my never ending battle with Himalayan blackberry (an invasive species here in Washington State in the US). Experience has taught us that we have to keep them chopped down to nubs for at least four years before we can consider the battle won. And in the meanwhile, they usually sprout up elsewhere on our little farm.

So today was cold wet work as I raked them out of the stream, chopped them up short and put them into a pile for later burning. If not burned, they just take root again wherever they are stacked. Meanwhile Ginger dog hunted mice and sometimes accidentally teased the chickens. We have visiting ducks, a couple pair of wood ducks and some mallards that are free loading off my feed trough during this cold spell. It’s amazing to me that Ginger recognizes that these are not ‘her’ ducks and she becomes upset at them eating the feed. She has also learned to watch for hawks and barks loudly when they cruise overhead. The other surprising part of that is that when she sounds the alarm, the poultry ‘re-tweet’ it as loud squawks as everyone scrambles to get under the chicken house or the rose bushes.

So that is my life halfway through Christmas 2014. I wish everyone a happy New Year as on we go!

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