Getting Organized

So, if you’ve sent me an email or a Facebook message or a Twitter greeting in the last month or so, chances are it did not get answered.

There’s a good reason for that. I’m writing a book. And it’s giving me a bit of a struggle. And I am late and it’s already over length. So, until it is done, I am writing instead of ‘being a writer’ on social media. Because the one always has to take priority over the other, and because 98% of readers surveyed said they would rather the writer write a book than a clever post or even a thoughtful email.

I just made that statistic up. I’m a fantasy writer, so that’s what we do, you know. 🙂

Meanwhile, other commitments are coming at me like freight trains. Please click on the Appearances tabs for all details. I will mention that later this month, I’m off to Ontario, Canada for Contario. That’s a wintery sort of place at that time of year. And just a few days after that, I fly off to Australia (again, look at the appearances list) for visits to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. All rather summerish in November. So the packing and the shifting gears is going to be a bit tricky.

In the mean time you won’t hear from me. I’m taking an aluminum baseball bat to Buckkeep and environs and convincing F&F that we are going to do this plot my way.

Wish me luck.


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