Two Nice Deals

Assassin's Apprentice,

That’s the cover for the audio book of Assassin’s Apprentice. It’s currently on sale at for $5.99 That’s a very nice price for many hours of listening, and I do love the narrator they chose for this work.

Now my other reminder is for folks in the UK who are purchasing new iPads or iPhones or really anything with the new iOS8 on them. You get Assassin’s Apprentice for free. This will not go on forever, so if it’s something you want, better get after it now. And in the US? Those lucky people get Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings! As I’m in the US, if I try to put up a link, it will not take people to the correct UK iBooks site. But I’m sure you can all find it easily if you try.

And yes, there are other free books waiting there for you. Mystery, romance, adventure! Go for it. Who doesn’t love a free book?

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