New York Comic Con

Tomorrow, I will be ready to hop in a car at 5AM and head to the airport. From there, I fly to New York City. I will arrive there late afternoon, get some sleep, and in the morning, it’s off to New York Comic Con!

I will be at Comic Con all day Saturday and Sunday. To find me for sure, drop by the Random House booth, #2204, on Saturday between 10 and 11 or on Sunday between 11 and noon.

I’ll also be doing a panel discussion about how Game of Thrones changed Fantasy. Or did it? That will be at 1:15 on Sunday, in room 1A05. Afterwards we will all adjourn to sign books and things at Table 19. Here’s the official description:

George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, released 18 years ago, has become a worldwide phenomenon with the help of HBO. Seth Fishman (The Well’s End), Robin Hobb (Fool’s Assassin), Gail Z. Martin (War of Shadows), Garth Nix (Clariel), David J. Peterson (Living Language Dothraki), Patrick Rothfuss (The Slow Regard of Silent Things) and Cinda Williams Chima (The Sorcerer Heir) discuss influences and how politics, power and dysfunctional families have always been the best fodder for fantasy.

Now if you won’t be at Comic Con, please do remember you can still join us for coffee on Monday, October 13th. We’ll be at Random House, 1745 Broadway. You must RSVP to attend this. Please visit this article on the SUVUDU site for details.

I’ll hope to see you!

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