First , Contario! Then Supa Nova and other stops in Australia

Time to get the schedule up where people can see it.

My next trip to visit readers will be to Contario, in (you guessed it!) Ontario, Canada. It will be held from November 14 to 16th in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Memberships are still available.

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I will be arriving on Thursday, to enjoy the Contario tradition of doing a reading at the science fiction library. A bit of history about that: The Merril collection is named after Author/Editor Judith Merril who donated the original collection of 5,000 SF, fantasy and associated non-fiction items to the Toronto Public Library in 1970; the then-called the Spaced Out Library has since grown to over 54,000 items. The Merril collection is the only one of its kind in Canada.

So I’m very excited to read there!

Then on to Contario itself:

Children’s Book-list: Age-Appropriate Genre Fiction – Saturday 12 PM – Solarium
Fannish families like to introduce their kids to genre fiction early, but much of SF and fantasy isn’t topic-appropriate for young minds. Panelists discuss their favorite child-suitable SF and fantasy books, discuss what makes a book reading-level-appropriate vs. age-appropriate, and solicit audience suggestions for other suitable books. Is it advisable to introduce children to work as weighty as Tolkien at an early age? The Narnia books were written for young readers, but are the heavy-handed religious messages out of line for kids?
Panelists:- Alisse Lee Goldenberg, Robin Hobb, Ian Keeling, Kari Maaren

Author Guest of Honour Interview – Saturday 2 PM – Ballroom BC

Author Branding – Saturday 3 PM – Solarium
Gaining exposure can be a challenge for an author, whether experienced or brand new and shiny. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+ have important tools for reaching an audience. Merely having an account is not sufficient. How do you develop content to attract your target audience while being creative and standing out in the crowd? Can you keep a private social presence separate from your professional persona?
Panelists:- Alyx Dellamonica, Robin Hobb, Leeman Kessler, Peter Watts

A Rose By Any Other Name – Saturday 6 PM – Courtyard
Megan Lindholm/Robin Hobb, Iain Banks, Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant, Tom/Thomas Holt, James SA Corey, Mazarkis Williams: many people publish under pseudonyms, some more subtle than others. Why do writers opt for a pen-name? Why do some have more than one? How important is ‘branding’ to marketing genre fiction, and what role do genre and gender divides play in the decision?
Panelists:- Robin Hobb, Neil Jamieson-Williams, Michael McPherson, Jane Ann McLachlan

Reading – Sunday 9:30 – 10 AM – Gardenview

Many Magics in the Mix – Sunday 12PM – Ballroom BC
What are good ways for an author to bring magic into a story? Should the rules of magic suit the details of plot, or should the plot be driven by forces of magic? Is magic a cheap way to give superpowers to a protagonist, or can it be woven into the lives of a broad range of characters? Can one world support more than one system of magic, and if so, should there be some underlying cosmological principle linking everything? What limits should apply to magic to make characters sympathetic and allow them to be at risk at important points in the story?
Panelists:- Julie Czerneda, Robin Hobb, Cenk Gokce, Alex Pantaleev

And very shortly after Contario, I will be heading to Australia for SupaNova!


I will be at the Adelaide SupaNova from November 21-23 and at the Brisbane SupaNova from November 29-30. Please visit the SupaNova site for tickets, times, and news about the other guests and events there.

In between the SupaNova’s, I will be very busy indeed. Here we go!

Monday, November 24th
1pm-2pm SIGNING
Robinson’s Bookshop, Chadstone
(03) 9783 6488
1341 Dandenong Rd, Malvern

6pm EVENT: Dymocks Melbourne
Reading + Q&A for 100 people followed by public signing
Dymocks Melbourne
234 Collins St, Melbourne

Tuesday, November 25 MELBOURNE-CANBERRA
1pm-2pm SIGNING
Dymocks Belconnen
Dymocks Belconnen
(02) 6251 2850
Shop 159/160 Westfield
Belconnen ACT 2617

3.30pm – 4.30pm SIGNING
Dymocks Tuggeranong Dymocks Tuggeranong
Level 1 Shop 111-112, Tuggeranong Hyperdome Shopping Centre Anketell Street, Tuggeranong,
Phone:(02) 6293 9055

Wednesday, November 26 CANBERRA-SYDNEY

7pm TICKETED EVENT: Dymocks Rouse Hill
Signing Vinegar Hill Memorial Library
29 Main Street, Rouse Hill (Rouse Hill Town Centre)
Dymocks (02) 8883 3055

Thursday, November 27 SYDNEY
1pm-4pm HarperCollins Promotion
Details to come.
6:30pm EVENT: Kinokuniya
6.30pm Reading, Q andA, Signing Books Kinokuniya
Level 2, The Galeries
500 George Street, Sydney
02 9262-7996

So, yes, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra! I will be seeing you soon!

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