WooHoo! IOS 8 has launched! With Assassin’s Apprentice on Board!

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I’ve been strangling myself for about a month now to keep from sharing this too soon!

IOS8 for Apple users is now available in the US and the UK and Australia and New Zealand.

And guess what?

For US users, that means a FREEEEEE Brandon Sanderson book! The Way of Kings! (Ha! That wasn’t what you were expecting me to say, was it?)

But the UK and Australia and New Zealand are not forgotten! You get me!!! In the form of a free copy of Assassin’s Apprenticebooks! And, ahem, okay, there are a bunch of other free books that you get with the new Ibooks, but I’m really looking forward to Fitz and the Fool leaping onto your device.

Let me repeat that. In the US, watch for a free Brandon Sanderson book. If you are not hooked on Sanderson yet, you should be. In the UK and New Zealand, you will get Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb.

This is a limited time offer, so if you are new it IOS8, why not start with Assassin’s Apprentice?
But, of course, don’t be silly! Nab Harlan Coben’s/The Woods for mystery lovers, Jill Mansell’s The One Your Really Want if you need a touch of romance today and Jeffrey Archer’s Only Time Will Tellfor a big read.

Because FREE! And BOOKS! And IOS8!

And back in my real life, as I am chortling and rejoicing over this, what do I see out my window? Tina teaching her chicks to hop up on the bench and THEN launch into the raised beds to eat all the radish seedlings. Time to chase chickens!


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