Tonight’s the Night! George RR Martin and I will share a stage!

And am I nervous? Of course not! My fingernails have always been this short! The self gnawed manicure is the latest style, you know!

But let’s get to the details:

Tonight, George RR Martin and I will be doing a joint interview (actually a conversation) with Jane Johnson. Jane has edited both of us for years; in my case, I’ve been with her for 27 years, 20 of them at Harper Voyager. I’m sure GRRM has been there at least that long. So she knows both of us well, much better in fact that we know each other, and she has been collecting her own questions and questions for readers for this night.

I hope that if you wanted tickets to attend, you already have them well in hand. They do include a free, signed copy of Fool’s Assassin, my latest novel, so obviously those tickets were a bargain!

Now most of you do not have tickets, especially if you are in the US or Australia or other exotic location. But Blink Box Books has very kindly arranged to livestream the event worldwide for free. Do NOT look for it on their website. For it to be worldwide, they needed to place it on their FACEBOOK. And here is the all important link to that:

Do make a quick visit now as you will need to sign in ahead of time to receive the livestream!

I will add in passing that I had a wonderful time at Loncon3, and as soon as I am home, I will pry the photos out of my stubborn phone and put them up on the Internet!


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