Full footage of event with George RR Martin

On August 26, 2014, I was honored to share a stage with George RR Martin. Our mutual British editor, Jane Johnson, interviewed both of us in the Freemasons Hall in London.

BlinkBox Books was kind enough to sponsor us, and to air the interview live on their Facebook. They chose their Facebook so that they could present the interview to the entire world.

Bits and pieces of the interview has been shared since then, as well as various quotes, but now Blinkbox has made the entire interview available again for anyone who would like to watch it again, or for those who didn’t have an opportunity to view it live.

I owe a great debt of thanks to Jane Johnson, for 27 years of being my editor. That’s a rare relationship to have in these days where publishing houses merge and editors move from house to house. Having a consistent editorial hand and being so familiar with every book I’ve ever written means that Jane is an invaluable help to me in keeping Fitz’s voice consistent. I’m so pleased to see her on this stage with us, displaying both her wit and her charm in the course of the interview.

And many thanks also to George RR Martin for consenting to this. I gained some fascinating insights into his writing and his personality in the course of the interview.


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