Friday August 15 at Loncon3

And here is where you will be able to find me today at Loncon3!

As you know (beware of expository lump here) Loncon3 is the World Science Fiction Convention currently being held at the ExCel Center in London. And I am astonished and honored to be here as one of the Guests of Honor.

While there are many possible things for you to do here, I do hope you’ll want to find me at the following panels:

1:30 Fantasy and Medievalism A look at fantasy and medieval settings. In addition to myself, panelists include Kathryn Laity as moderator, Susanna Davis, Marieke Nijkamp and Lynda Rucker. Find us in the Capital Suite 7+12.

5 PM Kaffeklatsch I’m sure we’ll all be in need of a caffeine boost by then! Join me in London Suite 4 for coffee and conversation! Bring cookies! 🙂

6PM Liveship Trading: Fantasy Economics. This one sounds like great fun. “You want to take an army of 10,00 to lay siege to Mordor. How will you provision it? Or you live by robbing caravans. How many merchants can you rob before they stop coming your way? Moderated by Dev Agarwal, with William B Hafford, Juliet McKenna, Charles Stross and myself. Join us in Capital Suite 8.

And a final mention that a few tickets remain for my event with George RR Martin on August 19. Details here:

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