And Now a Brief Pause . . .

I thought I should let everyone know that I’m jumping off all social media for a time. Nothing is wrong. I just need to re-apportion my keyboard time for a while.

How long a time? Until Book Two, tentatively entitled Fool’s Quest, is turned in.

I thought I would have it finished by August first. I didn’t. And now it just needs to get done.

Office Kat will be manning the Robin Hobb Facebook and Twitter.
New assistant Lunabee is looking after the reddit/robinhobb and the RealRobinHobb Tumblr. So if there is extremely exciting news of any sort, those two will still get it out there to you. And if something truly earth-shaking happens before the book is finished, I’ll try to put a quick post here.

I have enacted a new policy for myself of trying to have free time for reading at least once a day. I felt it was time to take pleasure reading out of the Guilty Pleasure category and put it into the Healthy Recreation one. So you may see book reviews go up on Goodreads as I finish books in my to-read stack. Or you may not.

In the meanwhile, however, I will not be responding to comments, emails or posts at any location. So sorry, but that two hours a day (minimum) that is spent on social media will be plowed back into writing for now.

A few quick answers to some very-frequently-asked-in-email questions:

When will the next book be published? I don’t know. First it has to be written. 🙂 I hope it will be published in August of 2015.

Would you like to come to our convention? I would love to come to your convention! But I am not going anywhere until the manuscript is done.

When will the (audio book, paperback, French translation, Dutch edition, alternate form) be available? I don’t have answers to these sorts of questions at my fingertips. Google is your friend for this, or perhaps a quick visit to the appropriate publisher’s website.

Would you like to (play a game, look at this funny video I made, do a quick email interview)?
That would be fun. BUT not as fun as being able to say, “Woo-hoo! The book is done! Ring the bells and cavort in the back yard and alarm the neighbors!” So I have to say, “No thank you, not right now.”

Will you ever write about XYZ?
Right now, my focus is tightly fixed on this book. Can’t think about what I might write another time!

Can you visit (city I haven’t been to yet)? I wish I could but I am grounded until this manuscript is done.

Will you (read my manuscript and send me comments, be my mentor, help me get published)? I just can’t. And it’s not because I’m selfish with my time or disdainful of your work. Please be aware that I’m actually doing you a kindness by saying no. I’ve never been a teacher or an editor. Editing is a very special skill set, and different from writing. All I could tell you about any of those things is how I would write your manuscript or book, or how I first got published over forty years ago. Those would not be helpful answers. We would both be spinning our wheels. There are many good writers workshops and critique groups both on and off the Internet.

Is there any way I can help you get your book done?
You are so kind to ask. But this is the part where the writer sits at the keyboard and looks at the screen. In my case, I drink far too much coffee and fight with the cat over horizontal desk space and sometimes screw up my back or my hands. And no one can help me. That sounds like I’m being tormented in a dark little room. But actually, I’m about to step over a threshold into a place I love and spend the next few weeks with some characters I’ve known for a score of years. So actually, no pity is due me! But thank you for asking.

And now I am submerging. Periscope down, and full speed ahead!

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