UK Only!!!! Give Away of Advance Reading Edition of Fool’s Assassin!

Dash over to Harper Voyager UK Facebook page for a chance to win.

And I will now answer, yet again, the inevitable question! WHY IS IT ONLY FOR THE UK?


I try to notify all readers of every contest or promotion for my books. My books are now published in over 20 languages! So, sometimes the Chinese publisher or the Italian publisher might decide to have a promotion that targets Chinese or Italian readers. And the giveaway of the Chinese or Italian edition is ONLY for their readers, even if you are fluent in Chinese or Italian but live in Poland.

The US publisher and the UK publisher are two different entities. Even though both books are in English, if you look you will see the differences. Example: The Fool asked, “What color is it?” (That’s American English and punctuation.) The Fool asked, ‘What colour is it?’ (That’s ‘real’ English and punctuation.)

So the different publishers target their own readerships with their promotions.

Truly, I do my best to get word out for every promotion. And when I do something as Robin Hobb, I promise I’ll always make it world wide. Even if the postage is truly hair-raising!!!!

And (even though no one asked me yet today) yes, the writing is going well, and I think I’ll hit my deadline, even if Ginger the Belgian Malinois thinks a squeaky toy slapped on the keyboard is the funniest dog joke ever!

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