The Farseet Trilogy! New US Covers!

Alejandro Colucci, Assassin's Apprentice cover.
Alejandro Colucci, Assassin’s Apprentice cover.
Royal Assassin  Del Rey Alejandro ColucciAssassin's Quest Del Rey Alejandro Colucci

Well. I really don’t think there’s any need to say more! Enjoy!

3 Responses to The Farseet Trilogy! New US Covers!

  1. really great work. although i love the old covers of michael whelan, i’m already considering to buy me a second version of the books. thats how i pictured the fitz
    who is the artist? because i’d really like to have a wallpaper of the new royal assassin cover without the text.

  2. Absolutely spectacular,  you should consider having a way on your website for the fans to order whichever version of the books they like internationally. Personally I would own one of each unique cover. Especially these ones, compared to the blank covers I purchased in a book store here in Australia, these are breathtaking!