I Loathe and Despise SPOILERS!

How much do I hate them? Well, I hate them so much that even if you give my book a glowing review, if it’s riddled with spoilers like an apple with maggots, I will not repost or promote it!


So when a reviewer sticks to the old standards of reviewing which is to talk about the book without spoiling it for readers, I am delighted! So many amateur reviewers write as if a review is a book report! And as amateurs, I can forgive them, even as I cringe.

Here, my friends, is what a review should look like! And I’m not saying that just because they said nice things about Fool’s Assassin. Though that helps, of course!

The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb (spoiler free)

Fantasy Faction is a great website to add to your list of favorites if you are interested in the news of the field. They cover a lot more than just reviews.

And a final quick word about spoilers. If you send me a comment here on the website and don’t see it posted or answered, ask yourself, “Did my question contain a big spoiler?” That may be the reason it’s not publicly posted. I will answer such questions, but only by private email! Thanks for being thoughtful.

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