Things to Make You Happy

Well, I’m not having the cheeriest day here, for reasons that are completely within my control if I just exert some self discipline.

But who wants to do that?

So instead I have gathered some charming links guaranteed to brighten the day of any sane person. And most of the rest of us, too!

First off, if you are willing to contribute to a very good cause (A wolf sanctuary) you may receive an amazing reward. Such as George RR Martin’s Hat! Or perhaps a helicopter ride with him. Donate $20,000 and with both style, elan and gore, George will slaughter you in his next book!!! Go here to see what else you might get!

Now if I were as adept at these things as George RR Martin, I’d hop on there and say that for $50,000, I’d devise an interesting fate for George in my next book!

What else is nice to hear? Well, this was a nice bit of news for me. 🙂 There is a Best of Robin Hobb e-book collection (UK only this time) available from Sainsbury. They selected the novels they think are my best and are offering them at a reduced price. I’m not sure how long they will have reduced prices.

Another bit of news that cheered me was a Twitter from my editor. Anne is at Phoenix Comic Con, and said: “The look of surprise and joy on the faces of longtime fans when I give them copies of @robinhobb’s Fool’s Assassin is totally making my day!”

And that twitter makes my day!

And now I am off to brighten my own day by remembering where I put my noise canceling headphones and my only comfortable pair of black heels! Time to pack for Australia and SUPANOVA in Sydney and Perth!

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