Sydney greeted the SupaNova guests with lovely sunshine and mild weather! We were warmly welcomed at our hotel, and some of us spent this afternoon on a walking tour with Felicity, our SupaNova guest herder. 🙂 In the few hours I’ve been here, I’ve met the voice of Naruto, a couple of Achievement Hunters from Rooster Teeth, and most of the cast of Star Trek Continues. Not bad for the first day!

From my hotel window, I have a lovely view of the harbor, Luna Park and the Sydney Opera House. I’m watching a couple of tugs bring a big cruise ship in right now.

So, my dilemma. Should I join my fellow guests for drinks at 7 in the hotel bar? Or be a virtuous writer and stay in my room and transcribe the words from my spiral notebook. I’m pleased to report that not even a 15hour flight drained the battery on my spiral notebook. I did have to bring out my back up pen, however . . .

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